Enterprise License for Packaged Application


We’re trying to build a report generator type application, and plan to sell it to our customers as a packaged solution. End users can build their own report with our application, which would take some property values from them and generate the report with DHTMLX grid component. However they won’t be allowed to use any DHTMLX API outside the context of our application.

Is it enough to buy enterprise license for this kind of usage?

From what I read from below post, it seems it’s permitted however I’d like to be more clear before we move the development any further :


Thanks in advance!


Xavier, the described use case is covered by our licenses.

Yes, the Enterprise License is enough.

You’re not allowed to transfer your usage rights for dhtmlx components to your users, but in your case dhtmlxGrid is used only as a part of user interface and you’re not providing the sources to your customers. So it’s perfectly fine to use dhtmlx components in your application under the Enterprise license.