Equivalent to rel=external from jquery mobile

I am really new to dhtmlx touch, so sorry if these questions are obvious. I have used jquery mobile quite a lot before, but never dhtmlx touch.

I am using a list on an entry page, mainly a grouplist and each entry in the list will link to another separate html page (equivalent to rel=external in jquery mobile). Each of these separate html pages will use a layout with a toolbar on top and a second row with an iframe view (sometime with php creating dynamic content, or an external web site) . On the toolbar, there will be a button to return to the group list.

So how do I open a new separate web page (not just another div) from a selected and clicked item in a group list and still be able to go back to the group list. If not possible, then how do I open a full screen layout page (or full screen div) by clicking on an item in a group list. The Animal World sample comes close to what I want to achieve, but it seems to me that there is a lot of extra js that needs to be written to achieve this.

I find the documentation not as easy to follow as most other js framework I used before.




You can use multiview. Please see samples:


To show a view that is inside multiview you may call show() method for it.


To return to list you may use back() method for multiview:


or call show() for list:


In this example, “list” and “details” views are inside the same multiview.

So using multiview, how can I do something like this:

Based on the multiview init sample, second row:

                                { template: meteogram.php, id:"tabbar_1" },
                                { template: satellite.php, id:"tabbar_2" },
                                { template: forecast.php, id:"tabbar_3" }

Meaning the php would be the one generating the html content that goes in the template.

I understand that I can not use template for this but what can I use?

Actually you can use templates

{ gravity:2, view:"multiview", cells:[ { template: "http->meteogram.php", id:"tabbar_1" }, { template: "http->satellite.php", id:"tabbar_2" }, { template: "http->forecast.php", id:"tabbar_3" } ] }

Be sure that php file returns only content’s html, without html, head, body tags
( if you want to load full pages - it will be better to use “iframe” views )

Thanks for that.

I can not find that possibility (http->) anywhere in the documentation:

docs.dhtmlx.com/touch/doku.php?i … e_template

It does not list all the possibilities. Is it somewhere else in the documentation?


docs.dhtmlx.com/touch/doku.php?i … emplates&s[]=http#template_types