Error after refresh data and call scrollTo function

I have a problem with scheduler control in my project. I’m using library dhtmlxScheduler, version 5.3.1 Professional.
Problem take place when I change data which power scheduler control and next call function

* scheduler.matrix.timeline.scrollTo(date);
* scheduler.matrix.timeline.scrollTo(leftPosition, topPosition);
on it.

The issue concern function in dhtmlxscheduler_timeline.js file. The function tries an appeal to no existing element or element in the array with an incorrect index.

Currently, I applied a quick fix which leaves the loop of function when the issue occurred, but it is a temporary solution.

Last time I update the scheduler library to the newest version, but this not resolved the problem.
Does anyone know what could be the reason for the described case?

Hi @klep,

You received the reply in the support.
Please don’t repost the same question in multiple threads in the future.

For anyone else who encounters similar issue:

I tried 2 ways to reproduce the issue: with matrix object and getting a timeline view object using the getView() method, but without success. Please check the demo:

How to get a timeline view object with the getView method: