Error by entering character '<' without space in a grid

Grid has problems displaying the <character followed by a letter (without spaces). <a generates an error < a works well, <1 works well. This can be checked at this link

if I change in the data
title:“Blood and Smoke”, → title:“Blood <and Smoke”, the grid is in error
title:“Blood and Smoke”, → title:“Blood < and Smoke”, the grid work fine
title:“Blood <1and Smoke”, the grid work fine

the same thing happens using xml

The problem in a snippet tool is not related to the dhtmlxgrid, but to the snippet tool data wrapper. Please, refer to the updated snippet:

In case of using the xml data please, make sure to escape the special chars:

Also you need to use the “edtxt” column type instead of the “ed” to display it as a pure text but not the html: