Error handling in all comments


I am facing following issues:

1. I am trying to load the varous dhtmlx components (grid, tree, toolbar etc) using the loadXML API call provided.

But incase the xml file sent by server is invalid OR i want to show any custom error message to the user, is there any way to get the handler in my custom code so that i can process it and show a proper error message instead of “Error type: LoadXML, Description: Incorrect XML”.

2. Also is there any way to attach some exception handling code for any component so that any API failure on that object should call the custom error handling provided by us.

3. There are some text in Layout (Collapse/Exapnd) which are hardcoded with english String. Is there any way to localize these strings so that they can be shown in the user specific locale.


Vibhav Agrawal


the answer was gived here … al&q=13813