Error in 2U Layout wit different views in cell B and iFrame

We get an JavaScript error when changing back to an existing cell view in cell B which is an iFrame attached via attachURL Post variant.

Creating the view at the first time after calling layout.showView(“b”, “first”) and attaching the iFrame via attachURL everyting looks fine.

Switching to a different view with showView(“b”, “second”) the second view is shown. Switching back to showView(“b”, “first”) the Content of cell “b” keeps empty with an empty div without any iFrame DOM object and we have a Java script error in the context of dhtmlXCellObject._viewRestore called by showView().

The exception is a an undefined Attribute “conf” in the line

... if (this.dataObj.cdata[c1].conf.collapsed) c1 = this.dataObj.conf.nextCell[c1]; ...
of methode dhtmlXLayoutCell.prototype._getMinWidth() called by an eventhandler in the context of _restoreView().

The Methode _getMinWidth() is called without Parameter

 from this.conf.hdr.w_saved = this._getMinWidth();

from dhtmlXLayoutCell.prototype.hideHeader. So c1 = undefined and cdata[c1] does not work.

Do we use the layout wrong with cell views an iFrames or is this a bug in the Layout component?


Please, provide us a direct link or completed demo in support system … pport.html