Error in close windows with Editor in Form

Error in close windows with Editor in Form. (881 KB)
1 - Open file test.html
2 - Close first window with ‘cancel’ or ‘x’
3 - Close second window with ‘cancel’ or ‘x’
4 - See error

Problem with dhtmlxEditor.
Help me?

You need to use different forms to attach to windows: when you close first window, it destroys form object and then tries to destroy it agaiin when you close the second window

but strange is have this error if I use dhtmlxEditor.
please send me example to solve this problem?

To not have error, I need add name different in field editor.




strange is because only with dhtmlxEditor.

I think solution is create more one field hidden with value with name of editor.
but think that you need solve this problem in next version.


please try attached updates (dhtmlx 4.1.2 std): (278 KB) (1.56 KB)