Error in dhtmlxschedular.js while loading calender.

I have enabled the “Display a notification about every script error” in my IE.
Now while I am loading the calender.jsp the dhtmlxschedular.js gives an error.This error goes if i refresh my page.

For reference I am mentioning the function and the character where the error occurred.
Inside the function “scheduler._reset_scale=function()”…
var I=parseInt(;var C=0;var O,Q,A,N;[this._mode+“_start”](new Date(this._date.valueOf()));
The character number is 7042 which i have underlined and bold.
Can you tell me any way to remove this error.Its urgent.

Which mode you are using for scheduler initialization ( week, day, etc. ) ?
The error can occurs if you are using incorrect ( not existing ) mode name, or you are using some extended mode ( agenda, year ) without including the related extension.

Thanks to you Stanislav for your reply…please you help me in one more thing…

At first when i click a Treenode(according to the screen shot of my previous reply) the the events are appearing in the week view default,then if I click into agenda then the events are properly organized there.But if i click agenda first then after appearing the agenda view if click a node the events are not appearing.For the month or year view its all right,it creates problem for agenda view only.

Which code you are using for repainting data in scheduler, after selecting node in tree?
Agenda view may ignore some actions which lead to repainting for other views.