Error in documentation about server side sorting ...


Want to do server side sorting . That described here : … _sorting&s[]=server&s[]=side

But it return error : Uncaught ReferenceError: gridQString is not defined .

Can you direct how true it must be ?

With best regards !

I found that this string must be external file name for data load … :slight_smile:
Other question , related to this “server side sorting” . Mine load request look like that :

mygrid.load( “uzs1.php?fieds_of_query=” + slc_fld );

slc_fld here - formated string : “uzsak,telkinys,preke,uzs_kiekis” and etc. In server side sorting sample is a sample to send to server which column sort and direction of sorting .
Now I did :

function sortGridOnServer( ind, gridObj, direct )
         mygrid.load( "uzs1.php?fieds_of_query="+slc_fld+"?orderby="+ind+"?direct="+direct );
         mygrid.setSortImgState( true, ind, direct );
         return false;

But server side php can’t recognize such string - because here are many “,” :
After sorting command I’m getting request ( $_REQUEST[ “fieds_of_query” ]) with full order information “?orderby=3?direct=asc” .

With “&” nothing is working . It look like & is ignored . How to do request to server , that something similar can work ?

With best regards !