Error in Scheduler_RecBehavior class of dhtmlx scheduler


i implemented the dhtmlxscheduler using the sample codes in java with mysql database connection.

When a new event /appointments is scheduled (added) , it got saved in the database.

But if i wish to update/delete the same event by the clicking the appropriate button (save or delete), some internal occurs and so that doesnot get updated or deleted.

Error occurs inside beforeProcessing(DataAction action) function of Scheduler_RecBehavior class .

String pid = action.get_value(“event_pid”);

The value of pid is null.

so deletion or updation is not possible

But If i refresh that window and do updation or deletion it functions succesfully.On refreshing window pid is containing some value.

How to correct this error?

Thank you.

Problem is confirmed, we will provide updated solution as part of next build.
As fast solution , you can change

String pid = action.get_value(“event_pid”);


String pid = action.get_value(“event_pid”);
if (pid == null )