Error in year scale display

Hi, i’m currently using the pro evaluation component for some tests, and i think i found a bug in the year scale visualization.

If i set the yearly scale, tasks are not getting arranged correctly. I tried rendering them again, and setting every other kind of option, but it just seem to not meet the deadlines i set, not even the start and end dates.

Here you can see some screenshots, first one represents the chart in Week/Month/Quarter scale, and displays dates correctly:

while the second one in Month/Quarter/Year scale, and you can easily see that the september activities get truncated and drawn at the start of the chart:

Is there a bug in my code that i can’t see? Or can you replicate this? It’s a serious bug for my project, i would like to get it figured out.

I traced the bug to be triggered when you simply set date boundaries to the chart, via the gantt.config.start_date and gantt.config.end_date APIs and the year scale, it just does not render tasks positions, you can clearly see it here, the date in console representing gantt.config.end_date

After some more research i found the bug to be connected with the showing of an “half” unit.
For example, if i choose the “year” scale and start_date and end_date are set within the same year, the entire year will be discarded.
I found this to be true in smaller time units as well, so i think this is the expected behaviour, am i correct?

My initial problem though is connected with another behaviour in the chart, specifically with the isWorkTime () API.
I get the work days calendar from my DB, and then i parse them through the setWorkTime (date) API, on a per week base (every day in a week has specified work hours), and then by a per year base (some days in a year are not working, Christmas for example).
The point i found is that, when the starting day of a month in my Month/Quarter/Year view coincides with a non-working day (for example 1 Sep 2012 in this picture is a Sunday), the entire month is hidden. What the correct way is to implement such a feature?