Error Incorrect XML Windows XP with IE 7/8

We are using DHTMLX v35. In our recent project, we are facing Incorrect XML on few machines running windows XP with IE 7/8.

This error occurs only on few machines and that too only in IE. If we use Chrome, it works fine. Also, the same site works absolute fine on rest of the machine both in Chrome and IE.

I am breaking my head, but unable to find any issue with the program or with IE settings on client PC. Please advise if there are some settings which I need to change on IE?

Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Kapil

The problem may be in the incorrect content type - if you are using dynamic XML source (generate it by the script), you need to send the data with Content-type:text/xml;

If issue still occurs - please, provide with a complete demo, where the issue can be reconstructed.