Error: Invalid Argument on scheduler.init()


I’m having a weird error when I call scheduler.init(). Here is what my JS looks like right now:

        section_autoheight: false,
        name:	"timeline",
        x_unit:	"day",
        x_date:	"%d %M",
        x_step:	1,
        x_size: 7,
        x_start: 0,
        y_unit: [ {key: "1", label: "Test"}],
        y_property: "employee",
        render: "tree",
        folder_events_available: true,

    scheduler.config.readonly = false;
    scheduler.config.drag_create = false;
    scheduler.config.dblclick_create = false;
    scheduler.config.drag_move = false;
    scheduler.config.drag_resize = false;
    scheduler.config.details_on_dblclick = false;

     * Start on Sunday
    var startDate = new Date();
    var a = startDate.getDate();
    var t = startDate.getDay();
    startDate.setDate(a - t);

     * Load Calendar

It never reaches the ‘load’ call, it fails in init. Doing some debugging, this is the line it dies on:[0]+AG+"px"

It seems that problem is not related to the timeline configuration.
The same config works correctly locally.

If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample or demo link where problem can be reconstructed.