error load.xml in client side and java.lang.OutOfMemoryErro

Hi to All,

I am getting problem when i am retrieving from database and show in the grid.But I am getting an error load.xml and Its giving error out of MemoryError in serverside.

actually my requirement is that I have to retrieive 1,00,000 records from the database and shows in the to fix this problem.

can you please help me out.

The reasons of this problem are:

* Incorrect XML structure - it may be caused by incorrectly formed XML tags, or by using some special content (& < > chars) inside the tag values. The simplest way to detect the reason of an XML error is open the url used for XML loading in a separate browser window. It will show the error details and exact position of the problematic code;
* (IE specific) Usage of incorrect content type - if you are using dynamic XML source (generate it by the script), you need to send the data with Content-type:text/xml;
* (FF specific) In case of FF the problem may occur because of any whitespace before <?xml declaraton (the declaration must be the first text in the output).

If you are using a dynamic XML source, pay attention to the fact that the output during a stand alone test may not be equal to the output during the usage of the same feed with the component. You can try to use the debug version of dhtmlxcommon to check which urls are used and which xml output was sent during the data loading.
(The debug version of dhtmlxcommon can be taken from here … tmlxcommon).