Error load xml in dhtmlxgrid

I’m using dhtmlxgrid normally, but when I updated Firefox to version 3.0.6 to GRID simply stopped working, it gives the error ERROR LOAD XML.

By Firebug shows me that he was returned correctly in Explorer and XML it works normally.

What can be wrong?

Now appreciate the help



Please check if there is no white space between <?xml in you xml file. FF cannot parse xml if before <?xml there is any white space.

Hi, i’m trying the dhtmlxgrid in IE and everything looks OK, but in FF shows a error message (errortype: LoadXML and Description: Incorrect XML), i saw the older post and checked the possible correction for the trouble, but still goes wrong, can u help me please?¡ I’m using FF 3.6.3 and generating xml by a mysql query.

In case of FF , the most common issue - extra output before XML

If you are generating xml by custom code, be sure that there is no any output before xml declaration ( <?xml ). Any whitespace or newline char before xml output will corrupt client side parsing ( this is not component specific, but related to XML parser of FF )

Hi, can you tell me plese if there are some way to add the event onMouseOver to a determinate cell / column, for example alert(“some text”);, Thanks!!!

You can add event to the whole grid

grid.attachEvent("onMouseOver", function(id,ind){ // custom code here })