Error Loading XML in dhtmlxgrid

When I load 2 or empty data in Grid using JSP and MySQL It show error messages

It does not load the data. javascript error comes

Error Type :Load XML , Descirption:Incorrect XML.

please give the solution…

Thanks in Advance

There are some reasons why XML is not loaded

a) The simplest but most common - please be sure that
path which you used inside loadXML command is valid and produces correct XML

b) Please check that XML response generated by script
is correct XML
    - syntax is
correct (some special chars can corrupt output, also if you use encoding
different from UTF-8, please be sure that it is correctly specified in XML
    - correct content type assigned - text/xml;
    - in case of FF, there must not be any whitespaces
before start of output and <?xml declaration;
To check all these requirements, just point your
browser to XML generation script - if everything is correct, browser will
render correct XML document.

c) The XML must contain specified structures (the same
name for top tag, and item tags):

Please, be sure that when you load an empty grid, there should be at least tags:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Also you can use attached file, which helps you to get information about the issue. (4.96 KB)