Error Message: dthmlXToolbarObject not defined

I have been building a web app for some time. My code has been working except I was having a problem adding a group of rows from a grid to a database. It was suggested that I might be using incompatible versions of the Suite. I was using version 3.5, so I have downloaded 3.6 and have painstakingly insured that the pathnames for my css links and js scripts matched the new layout of version 3.6.

All seem to be OK, when I run the code, the screen looks as designed; however, when I change the url to point to localhost, only the header, footer, and blank container appear. There are three firebug errors. They are reference errors that state that dhtmlXToolbarObject, dhtmlXCombo, and dhtmlXForm are not defined. What are some possible reasons for this? Can you please give me a direction that I may look to solve this?

Thank you.


dhtmlXToolbarObject, dhtmlXCombo, and dhtmlXForm are not defined

These errors most often arise when you have incorrect path to js files.
Try to replace 3.5 with 3.6 every place where your project can be linked with (check both server and local stores)…