Error occurs after reinstallation in Joomla.

Hi everybody, hope to get rid of a little problem which occurs after I moved my domain to a new server with the use of Akeeba. :unamused:
In backend when I try to open the admin panel of Sheduler I get a “404 Not found” Error popup. When I confirm this with “OK” I can see the configuration but there is a kind of “yellow dots” progress bar (sorry - don’t know how to describe this…) in the middle of the screen and I can’t change anything. After pressing “save” I get another error " There was error during configuration saving. Last stable configuration restored.
Error report saved to “com_scheduler_log.xml”"

I uninstalled Scheduler twice and even deletet the jos_scheduler_options with mySql - after reinstallation I get the same error again

Is there someone who can help me? Thank you!

Joomla Version 1.15.23
Scheduler 2.3
also installed: CB, NoixACL,Kunea

What about showing scheduler at front-end? Does it work properly?
Could you provide link to page with scheduler in Front-end?

First of all - thanks for you’re reply. I figured out a part of the problem. After deactivating my modified (joomla special) .htaccess, I was able to access the backend without 404 Error and without the prograss bar. Now there is another problem remaining:
In backend as well as in frontend instead of the 404 Error I get a pop up with this:
“<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>DescriptionStart dateEnd Date<column type=“ed” width=“15” i […]” including a cryptic enumartion of the “old” dates in the scheduler.
There is nothing listed in Event administration or somewhere else … and it is possible to add a new appointment. So the scheduler is working quite right - except this popup wich probably is a result of a bad or old entry - but I’m not able to figure out where this entry is saved?

I’m sorry, but I’m not able to give you access to the scheduler because it is included in a registered part of a site with personal patient data - I do hope you’ll understand.

I’ll try to answer any further questions if you still want to help me! Thanks once again.

Forgot sth - had to change my account because I’ve forgotten my password and wasn’t able to receive the reset E-Mail…so AboutMe should now be known as AboutMeToo :wink: - When there’s a admin or sth like that around here, he might delete the “old” account “AboutMe” :wink:

Turn on debug mode in scheduler admin panel “Settings”, please. Then reload this page. After that find file components/com_scheduler/scheduler_log.txt and post it here please.

Ok here we go:

Log started, 20/05/2011 08:05:37

Undefined variable: fieldsNames at /var/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/components/com_scheduler/codebase/dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.php line 1034

SELECT event_id,text,start_date,end_date,uhrzeit FROM ted_events_rec

Done in 0.101373910904s

Hope that helps :wink:

Do you know how to use debug console in browser (something like Firebug or native tools in Chrome)?
Does any JavaScript error occur in console?

Could you specify which vrowser are you using? Does ussue occurs in another browsers?

The browser Firefox 4.0.1. I have installed firebug once but never used it … so if I’ll have to do sth you must tell me exactyl what to do…

Once again: thank’s a lot you for you’re help!

The same occurs when using the IE 9 - but when the debug mode is turned on (firefox and IE9), I get forwarded to a page with this message (in frontend) “The text below, contains details about of server side problem.” - but there is no text below, if the debug mode ist turned off, its the old thing with the popup…

My guess: there must be a remaining link to the “old” data (because without debug mode i get presented the old data in the popup) but I’ve no idea how to fix it…

Latest log:

Log started, 24/05/2011 02:05:09

Undefined variable: fieldsNames at /var/www/web100500/html/joomla/teddyklinik/components/com_scheduler/codebase/dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.php line 1034

SELECT event_id,text,start_date,end_date,uhrzeit FROM ted_events_rec

Done in 0.00132012367249s

Log started, 24/05/2011 02:05:24

SELECT event_id,start_date,end_date,text,uhrzeit,rec_type,event_pid,event_length,user FROM ted_events_rec

Done in 0.0013279914856s

Load page and press F12 button. After that in firebug window open tab Console. If console is turned off - switch it on. Then reload page. If any error occurs you’ll see it in console. Check if you have errors.

Figured it out: after deleting the “events_rec” with phpmyadmin, uninstalling scheduler - reinstalling it - the problem is gone.

Thanks to everyone!