Error on <!DOCTYPE html>

Hello, anyone got a problem with error on Doctype?
I attached the print screen of the error i’ve got, and why is it that my application loads 4 times?

thanks in advance :wink:


Please check the loaded data. The issue looks like there is an error in the loaded page or content-type of the data source is incorrect.

Hello, Alexandra,

I don’t really know what the reason behind this problem, i checked the loaded data (json) and it looks fine. For some reason the whole page is loading on background, and I think that is the reason of this problem, well I’m not sure about it. As you can see the http:// localhost/wms_php is loading repeatedly, the same count as the errors.

what do you think is the reason why http:// localhost/wms_php loads?..,

Such a problem can occur in case of dynamic loading with “empty” url. Possibly you are using dynamic loading (loadNext method) and did not specify url for the view. Or you defined empty string as dataFeed in case of server-side filtering.

Hello Alexandra, thank you for your help, I appreciate it :smiley: