Error saving with Scheduler and Yii2 demo app

I am testing DHTMLX Scheduler with Yii2 and experimenting with the Yii2 app that is downloaded from the site,. The app worked like a charm but after updating with Composer the app started to give errors and now does not save or update. The error occurs when using POST, not when using GET. Anyone had the same problem? Does the Yii wrapper have any changes that cause these errors?

Hi Pcalafatich,
it would be easier for us to sort out the issue if you show us how the error response from the server looks like:
Please note, that no active work has been done on connectors lately, and if you are going to start a new project we recommend writing the server code manually. The backend logic is not too complicated and you’ll have complete control over what happens on your server.
We have a couple of tutorials on PHP you may check. Unfortunately, we don’t have anything on Yii2 specifically:

I understand your point but what I have done is install the demo and it worked perfectly, after updating whith Composer a serie of files in DHTMLX Connector were updated, and from there it didn’t work anymore.
The only changes on source code are what Composer made when updating.
I tried to analyze the changes comparing the downloaded files against the updated ones and I see many differences in the code between the previous and the updated version, but the one that works is the original and not the newest. I have started to make my own backend as you suggested but sometimes I find it hard to understand the logic of the library and the use of dataconnector. I’ll continue trying.