Error 'this.obj.firstChild' is null or not an object

I keep getting the following error on a JSP page with a dhtmlxGrid object:

‘this.obj.firstChild’ is null or not an object
dhtmlx.js Line: 1
Code: 0

(look at attachment for full error message)

The strange thing is that it is only happen on a tester’s machine. I can’t reproduce it on my machine even though I log in to the same WebLogic domain as he does. So I am thinking it’s probably not a code issue. It must be something that is different on his machine from mine that is causing it.

Any ideas?


Update: I remote connected to 4 different machines and tried the same thing from each one of them and I can’t reproduce the error. So far it is happening on this one machine only.

It seems you are calling some api command before grid’s initialization
Difference in behavior can be caused by caching, or different data loading speed for different PCs.