Error trying to show Tooltip

Hi team!
I´m using dhtmlxGantt v.3.3.0 Stardard in my project.
I need to show tooltip hover the tasks. I included the tooltip.js file from actual version to my project, but I got error with it, and of course, no tooltip for my tasks.
Can you help me to include the correct tooltip.js file to match with my proyect and get the correct tooltip showing?
P.S: I´m spanish native, sorry my bad english…


Unfortunately, we couldn’t understand the cause of the problem using only screenshot. Could you provide with the demo or at least write which the error occurred.

Please, see example, tooltip displayed as expected: … oltip.html
Article with way how to show the tooltip on the page

You can try to set next link to to activate tooltip in your app. If the tooltip appears on the page, you may incorrectly set the path to the file ‘tooltip.js’. … tooltip.js

Hi Polina, thanks for your reply
I´ve try all your solutions, but I keep geting error.
According to this documentation page thay I already tryed (
the only thing to do is to include the tooltip extension file on my project (C# ASP-MVC), but I got this error when I run the page containing the gantt:
“Uncaught ReferenceError: Gantt is not defined”. Attached a view with this error

Already solved…