Error type: loadXML


I try to use dhtmlxGrid in my application,but always get an error “Error type: loadXML. Incorrect XML file”

I try to use your example as is and also get a same error. See it in … ation.html

I need to get data from php file,there i get all neccesery fields from database and show it in the grid. Please help.

You can open php file in separate window to check the reason of the error

Warning:  mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user ‘dhtmuzer_ro’@‘’ (using password: YES) in /home/maalerah/public_html/tabsheet/dhtmlxGrid/dhtmlxGrid/samples/common/config_dp.php on line 7

It seems that used login|pass info is not correct

hello Stanislav

i create 2 new pages,but data is not loaded also from localhost db. check the code below and also look at link">

<script  src=“libs/grid/codebase/dhtmlxcommon.js”>







    $grid = new GridConnector($res);


by the way its look in standart php,without ajax all db connections from same db.class.php works


the issue is already solved. Am I right ?

nope.its still not show data


data loaded. But it isn’t shown because of the height of the container. It seems that container has 0 height.

Please, check that that grid container has desired height (try to set it 200px for example - and you will be the rows)

yep.its work. tnx.

another question: how to send selected data from grid to form in other tab?

You can use getValue method to get value of the cell. For example:

var values = [];

var rowId = grid.getSelectedRowId()


values[values.length] = cellObj.getValue();