Error "Unresponsive script.." of Fire Fox when loading huge


When I tried to load 5000 records to grid in Fire Fox, it threwed the warning message "“Unresponsive script…” due to the time of execute script on Fire Fox was expired. I don’t want to change the setting of browser or using pagination as well, so I used the attribute SmartRendering of the grid as below:


It worked fine and the warning message disapeared. However, when I filter the data on the grid, the warning message displayed. It looks like the attribute “SmartRendering” of the grid doesn’t work with filter.

Would you please help tell me how to resolve this ? Thanks for your support a lot!

Tam Le


Which version of grid you are using?
dhtmlxgrid 1.6 can operate with data in SRND mode withou its parsing, which allows to filter data quite fast, but if you are using multiple filters at once - it still may require a lot of time to process such big dataset.

For datasets bigger than 2k rows , it is recommended to use server side filtering and sorting. … bs_biggrid