Error using dhtmlx tree openItemsDynamic()

I am dynamically loading a tree as it has thousands of nodes. This works fine but when I use the openItemsDynamic method, it will only work if the node has been opened previously. If used on an unexpanded tree, it will generate an error. In ie it is “XMLload is null or not an object” in Firefox it’s “temp has no properties”

The mentioned error may occurs if you are executing code against not existing item, the described error message may appears when tree can’t find item related to ID used in command.
Please be sure that ID which you are using in command is really exists in tree ( please beware that loading is async, so if you need to call command against item in some branch you need to wait till branch loaded )

The openItemsDynamic functionality has minor fix not related to your issue, if you need updated file - please contact us directly at