Error using dhtmlxform: Cannot read property 'tagName'

Using the Form object .Load() method I get a Javascript error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘tagName’ of undefined

at Line 1164 of dhtmlxform.js.

Line 1164 reads:


I am using the dhtmlxform.js version dated 15/03/2010, and the dhtmlxcommon.js file has the same date;

My HTML calls the Form object like this:

myForm = new dhtmlXForm(“data_form”,“mysql_form_connector.php”);

and I am using a function to load the form like this:

function displayForm(id) {
//Uses DHTMLX Form Object to display editable form for specified row of table
//Database Name, Table/SQL, ID and Field List have been identified using SetSessionVariable

My PHP file (ysql_form_connector.php) uses this code to fetch the data:

<?php // require_once('../php/form_connector.php'); require('../php/misc.php'); // session_start(); $db_name = getSessionVariable('db_name'); $user_object = getSessionVariable('user_object'); $user_object_id_name = getSessionVariable('user_object_id_name'); $user_object_type = getSessionVariable('user_object_type'); $user_object_sql = getSessionVariable('user_object_sql'); $user_object_field_list = getSessionVariable('user_object_field_list'); // $dbuser = get_config('dbuser',''); $dbpwd = get_config('dbpwd',''); $res = mysql_connect('localhost',$dbuser,$dbpwd); mysql_select_db($db_name,$res); // $form = new FormConnector($res); $form->enable_log("log.txt"); // if($user_object_type == 'table') { $form->render_table($user_object,$user_object_id_name,$user_object_field_list); } else { $form->render_sql($user_object_sql,$user_object_id_name,$user_object_field_list); } ?>

The meta-data is stored as Session variables, and the Db config are retrieved using the get_config() function.

When I call mysql_form_connector.php in the browser, it generates well-formed XML, and writes to the log:

Log started, 20/07/2010 11:07:26

SELECT * FROM _menuitem WHERE fk_menu_id=1 AND fk_lang_id=1 AND id = ‘5’ ORDER BY sequence ASC
Done in 0.0086870193481445s

I must be doing something wrong somewhere, but I cannot see it!

Issue seems to be fixed in latest version of dhtmlxform, but final API has changes in relation to the beta version ( data saving now goes through dataProcessor, same as for other components, and as result - the init code of form was changed )