Error using 'float:left' on a 'donut' chart


I have several graphs on a single page and I would like to float them. However when using a ‘donut’ chat I get an “Uncaught IndexSizeError”. What could be the problem


Could you provide completed demo to inspect this issue locally? … pport.html


Attached is zipped file for my charts


Please do not attach PRO version files on the forum. It is allowed only in support system or by e-mail.
Anyway wait for answer please


You did not specify width for divs where chart are created. You can see that in the picture you attached. ‘width’ definition is highlighted by the browser. You need to delete quotes from width definition of all chart containers


Thanks Darya,
This has really sorted my problem, I have always been putting quotations whenever I would use percentages to define my widths/heights.


You are welcome!