Error UsingsplitAt

Hi I’m using the PRO version DHTMLGRID and I have a problem, I have three grids in three iframes in a Tab ajax and the three I’m using to freeze columns splitAt but reload the grids in the iframes are distortion especially when using the split, without the split everything works normal. And SplitAt no wortk i Firefox or Google Chrome.

attached a link … nedor2.php

Please Help Me, Tanks

After applying of the split mode to the grid, it is not possible to recreate the grid structure (reload the grid with a different structure). Such grid can be only destructed.
Please find more information here … lit_mode&s[]=splitat

If issue still occurs please open ticket at and provide as code snapshot of problematic scenario

Hi Olga, thanks for responding

I developed my program again, I use a structure Tabs, use three grids and using the split in each of them is the first load properly and the other two are deformed. I’m using grid.destructor before call the grid, but the problem continue, in the first loaded and when destroyed the grid objects. Below I’m posting a link:

This page uses the splitAt (3) in the three grids and as you can see not load correctly. The following link is how you should be:

Should be fixed the first two columns in the three grids but are deformed to change tab, one of the reasons why we acquired the PRO version is because we need this utility. Please help.

Note … Attached are the files you’re using, you may be some error dhtmlxgrid_splt.js

Please I need an answer, my Ticket ID: HBV-294941

Try to change in your original code

<div id="gridboxAsignatura" style="height:400px;width:100%;" align="center"></div>




and in js code

gridAsignatura = new dhtmlXGridObject("gridboxAsignatura");


gridAsignatura = new dhtmlXGridObject("realGridboxAsignatura");

after that grid must be sized correctly.
If it still don’t help, you can add the logic, which must be called when related tab become visible


Thanks seems that the problem is really with my Tabbar, I solved the problem by logic.

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