Error When Changing CellExcelType from Checkbox to an Image

I have a treeGrid with checkboxes. When I user presses a button I need to change some checkboxes to images. This is what I’m attempting…

[code]//change it to an image type

//then set the image value
mygrid.cellById(ids_array[i], 1).setValue(“images/dhtmlx/green.gif”);[/code]

This works just fine, the checkbox does change to an image. But it keeps throwing this error in the console (see attached image). Why is it looking for: localhost/gordon/1 ← Where is that number 1 coming from? Is it doing that because the checkbox value used to be selected? How do I make this error go away?

We may suggest you to use the following solution:

[code]//change the cell type to an read-only type

//then set the image value
mygrid.cellById(ids_array[i], 1).setValue(“images/dhtmlx/green.gif”);

//change it to an image type

That worked. Thank you!