error when I load the timespans of the next year

Hi !

on onbeforeeventchange I load some non working days by using addMarkedTimespan. I Have an error when I load the timespans of the next year :

TypeError: this._colsS is undefined
var h_old = this._colsS.heights;

I set the non working days like this :

days: this.day_date.getDate(),
zones: [this.hour_start_am.hours * 60 + this.hour_start_am.minutes, this.hour_end_am.hours * 60 + this.hour_end_am.minutes, this.hour_start_pm.hours * 60 + this.hour_start_pm.minutes, this.hour_end_pm.hours * 60 + this.hour_end_pm.minutes],
css: “gray_section”,
type: “dhx_time_block”

And then I update the view for all the marked timespand that I added.

The calendar has no problem loading the ones of the current year, only the ones of the next year.

Have you got any solutions ?


Please excuse me for my English !

can you send a complete html page where we could reproduce it locally? (If you’ll do it, please make it with a static data, so we could run it locally)