Error when loading from an excel file


Error when loading from an excel file.
The development environment is SpringBoot, JSP.

OK code

  • spreadsheet.load( “”, “xlsx”);
    Error code
  • spreadsheet.load( “static/xls/test.xlsx”, “xlsx”);

full code is:

var spreadsheet = new dhx.Spreadsheet("spreadsheet", {
   menu: true,
  toolbarBlocks: ["default", "file"],
function importXlsx() {
	// exception throw
	spreadsheet.load( "static/xls/test.xlsx", "xlsx");

   function exportXlsx() {

Error Log
RuntimeError: unreachable
at lib.wasm:0x34170
at lib.wasm:0x357c3
at lib.wasm:0x35173
at lib.wasm:0x352d5
at lib.wasm:0x33ff9
at xlsx_new (lib.wasm:0x10ab9)
at (worker.js:348)
at doConvert (worker.js:451)
at worker.js:473


Please, make sure that you’ve imported the excel2json library and followed the steps provided here: