Error when running timeline

i get this 3 errors when i try to integrate timeline scheduler mode tree:

  1. if (!n._trace_x.length)

ncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined
at Object.e._timeline_drag_date (libs.js:70616)
at Object.e.(anonymous function) [as mouse_timeline]
at Object.scheduler._mouse_coords (libs.js:65143)
at Object.scheduler.getActionData (libs.js:65564)
at Object.e.getActionData (libs.js:70997)
at Object. (libs.js:68165)
at Object.z [as ev_onmousemove] (libs.js:64358)
at Object.obj.callEvent (libs.js:64350)
at Object.scheduler._on_mouse_move (libs.js:65266)
at HTMLDivElement._obj.onmousemove (libs.js:64983)

  1. this._max_date.valueOf() && this._min_date.v

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘valueOf’ of undefined
at Object.scheduler.is_visible_events (libs.js:66510)
at Object.e.is_visible_events (libs.js:70930)
at Object.scheduler.event_updated (libs.js:66508)
at Object.scheduler.addEvent (libs.js:66477)
at Object.e.addEvent (libs.js:68397)
at Object.scheduler._process_loading (libs.js:67000)
at Object.scheduler.on_load (libs.js:66997)
at Object.scheduler.parse (libs.js:67037)
at child.onShow (main.js:17378)
at Object._triggerMethod (libs.js:50580)

3)var a = this._els.dhx_cal_data[0]; a.firstChild._h_fix = !0, t.apply(e, arguments);

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘_h_fix’ of null
at Object.e.render_view_data (libs.js:68253)
at Object.e.render_view_data (libs.js:68270)
at Object.scheduler.update_view (libs.js:65344)
at Object.scheduler.updateView (libs.js:65372)
at Object.scheduler.setCurrentView (libs.js:65374)
at libs.js:67963


Please add your code to the snippet tool, reproduce there errors and send me the updated link. It will help me to understand how they can be fixed.