Error while loading events, backend and frontend

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well…
I came up with this behavior, while loading the events:

I noticed that it becames like that after trying to edit an event in the backend. Now whenever I try to load them, it comes with that popup… Any clues?

I’m using the 2.3 version, with Joomla!1.5. Was doing fine until that moment!

Thanks in advance for any help! Hug!

There is something in data which breaks XML parsing.

Most probably, while table is UTF-based, you have added some non utf encoded text during edit operations. The only way to fix the issue - remove that non-utf text from the event’s text ( as scheduler’s ui doesn’t work - it can be done through backend or directly through DB interface )

Oh yeah!!!
You’re great! Found the “cause” of this by following your tip about XML Parsing Error and this article here:

The sum of both was that:
While I was getting error rendering the events in Firefox, on Chrome, everything went fine!
So I just fixed the characters replaced by “<?>” (black interrogations stuff), and the events rendered normally in both browsers!

Thanks man! And very much good component! /o/ :laughing: