Error with export to pdf

Hi! I have an export to pdf in my scheduler, works great in my test page. But the same project in another location, I get this error:

Undefined index: n

What could be the error? :question:


Hi, try to modify file generate.php like this:

$debug = true;
//$error_handler = set_error_handler("PDFErrorHandler");

After that try to export data one more time.
Error (warning/notice) line and file name will be shown.
Could you provide it?
Also after export call new file in the directory with generate.php will appear: debug_xx_xx_xx.xml.
Could you attach it here?

By the way, try to update export tool from here: …

Thanks!! Now the error is:

TCPDF ERROR: Font file not found: freesans.ctg.z

I supose that the server not have the font installed?


Yes, for some reasons font-file can’t be found.
Please, make sure that file ./export/tcpdf/fonts/freesans.ctg.z exists and has rights to be read by script.