Error with exporting a excel

Hi!When i follow the guides to export a excel,only the start time seems wrong.
base on vue
this is my program,could you help me?
vue multiselect.rar (117.3 KB)

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce it:

Could you clarify which program you use to open the Excel file? There is a bug with the export module: the dates are incorrectly displayed in MS Office 2007, though the dates are displayed correctly in Libre Office and newer MS Office versions.

Hi.I use EXCEL2013 to open the file.I also try another version,but it dose not work. Whatever the start_time I choose,the error shows the same as “july 17,1905” .Could you help me ?Thank you very much!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce the issue with MS Excel 2013:

However, I found the following suggestion regarding the system settings, maybe you have the wrong date format because you have different date settings:

The dev team fixed the bug with the wrong date format in Excel files if you opened them in MS Excel 2007.

The following snippet can help you to test how it works now: