Error with SetColor

i use this function :

/* divColor : div for show ColorPicker obj: div for the selected color obj2: input hidden for selected Color */ function initColorPicker(divColor,obj,obj2){ var red=0; var green=0; var blue=0; var str =; if (str.length ==0) str="rgb(255,255,255)"; str = str.replace(/rgb\(|\)/g, "").split(","); red = parseInt(str[0]); green = parseInt(str[1]); blue = parseInt(str[2]); var myCP1 = new dhtmlXColorPicker(divColor); myCP1.setImagePath("dhtmlx/codebase/imgs/"); myCP1.init(); myCP1.setColor([red,green,blue]); myCP1.setOnSelectHandler(function (color) {; obj2.value = color; }) }
This function works properly only if the start color is not black (‘#000000’), the ‘cs_EndColor_Mini’ of ColorPicker don’t change when setColor is define #000000 & i don’t have a return color.

(Sorry for My english…)

the luminance for #000000 is set as 0. You may change it in the right column of the colorpicker, try to drag it to the top.