Error Year view trying to create an event after delete an event on same day

Hi, I have a problem with my scheduler when i try to create an event after deleting an event on the same day.

The error is = “Cannot read property ‘0’ of null”.

I tried a lot of things but apparently nothing works.

I dont really understand the problem because it only happens at year view, in my month view evereything works fine.


Unfortunately the problem cannot be reconstructed locally.
Could you please, provide a complete demo or a demo link, where the problem can be reproduced.

I apologize. The problem is confirmed. We’ll fix it in the future version of the dhtmlxScheduler.

The problem is fixed with the 5.1 version of the scheduler?

Yes, your problem is fixed in the latest (5.1) version of the dhtmlxScheduler.

The latest version dont even fix the error, or apparently not for me

I apologize for the mistake.
If you have an active license, please, open a support ticket we’ll provide you a fixed version.

I’m working with the standard edition.

Please, check the following package: