I´m using the sample export to excel. But doesn’t work with my grid.

My XML is the next.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='ISO-8859-15'?> codebase/common/imgs/ Tamaño de la localidad Localidades Población total a/ #cspan #cspan 150,*,*,*,* false str,str,str,str,str left,right,right,right,right #rspan,#rspan, Total, Hombres, Mujeres Total 2530 1989969 977785 1012184 1 a 2 499 habitantes 2430 895670 447549 448121 2 500 a 4 999 habitantes 62 214246 106118 108128

File error:

Remove in your xml line:

<call command='setInitWidths'><param>150,*,*,*,*</param></call>

Instead of this one use syntax:

	<column type='tree' width='150'>Tamaño de la localidad</column>
	<column type='ro' width='*'>Localidades</column>
	<column type='ro' width='*'>Población total a/</column>
	<column type='ro' width='*'>#cspan</column>
	<column type='ro' width='*'>#cspan</column>