Errors in Dynamic data rendering in dhtmlxgrid - java/mysql

I am trying to use dynamic rendering of data in dhtmlxgrid using java and mysql,but getting following errors when do inspect on chorme

Error 1 : connector.js:143 > Uncaught ReferenceError: dhtmlxError is not defined(anonymous function)
Error 2 : dhtmlxgrid.js:6518 > Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

Temporarily i resolved Error 1 by commenting-out following code from connector.js

Not sure whether this is right way resolve this. pls suggest me on this issue

Our customer provided us Dhtmlx suite(dhtmlxSuite_v421_pro paid version) for dhtmlx. so is this suite and files inside it are sufficient for dynamic data grid rendering n other complex operations OR we need something else as well

I check the static grid rendering which working fine using data2.xml(chk attached DHTMLX

can someone pls help me in this, please chk the attached zip Thanks in Adv

Attached DHTMLX contains

  1. index.html - contains grid contains and related settings
  2. - servelet class, this servelet is working as expected verified it on browser, return xml format data from expected table
  3. data2.xml - result of servelet copied in this
  4. web.xml - contains serveelet configuration

DHTMLX Forum.rar (348 KB)

In your html your script is calling from the dhtmlxEvent.
Unfortunately there is no such component anymore in dhtmlxSuite.

Thank you for the reply
Can please suggest me what should i use then … i refer the code from … step2.html

cam you please suggest me … which link i should follow? Thanks

I don’t know how to use. dhtmlx date format in server side is not working.

I apologize. dhtmlxEvent works correctly in the current version of the dhtmlx.

Unfortunately it is not available to define the date format on the server-side. You may only use the setDateFormat() method of the dhtmlxGrid: … ormat.html