Errors in grid with Dynamic smart rendering

I using dynamic smart rendering and when I select rows using the shift key I get this messages

�this._findSParent(�).0� is null or not an object

Out of memory

�_childIndexes� is null or not an object

This happened after selecting around 30 rows using the shift key and deleting the rows

Shift selection has some limitation in smart rendering ( but they must not cause any js error in latest version of grid ) - for example if you selected first row, jumped to end of grid and shift-selected last row - the data between first and last row may be not loaded from server, in such case it will not be included in selection.
Which version of grid do you use?
If problem occurs for you with latest version - please provide more details  - which code was used for row deleting ( any king of sample will be a great help )

I am using version 1.4. Deputy code which produces errors.
If you select many rows and then delete using the del key, there is where you can find the errors.

TestGrid.rar (318 KB)