ETA for new version of dhtmlxGantt version 1.4

Ha! Dojox.gantt looks very promising! Thank You for link.

Ditto. Thanks for the link, it looks indeed promising. I’ll check it out.

Thanks I’m going to check it out also. Very tired of waiting… might be more paitent but no one even responds to the forumns here!

Weve start to integrate dojox.gantt into our system and I must say its very nice. Have dynamic zoom, timeline change during zoom altenration and tasks use hours. yummy yummy.

Sorry guys, summertime. the question “when” is not easy to answer.

Yes indeed, thats what Ive learn.

Fedor can you give us a date please.

Converted all my stuff including the Gantt view to Fusion Charts Free version.
Very strong professional Product.

really? or just a spam. Please give a sample of your gantt.

Rather than question a response to someone moving to an alternative product, can you provide any accurate estimate to your product’s next release?

I think that the question is if there will be any new version…