ETA for new version of dhtmlxGantt version 1.4

Hi Fedor,

We are waiting excitedly for any news on the new version.
Please give us an ETA or a beta.


+1 :cry:


I realy need to know when you will release version 1.4? Will it be in the next four weeks?
Plzz ^^

Please, can you give us a date

if i could. If everything goes smoothly, it will be 5th of July.

Fedor has privately emailed me that the release will be in the next few days.

Time scale is critical feature for us, so I am also wonder when will be the next release?
I saw post from 2010 which mention about next release in a matter of days :unamused:

in july …or not…?
please give us an answer


Dear Fedor,
Please give us estimated ETA. Its important to us because I am in urgent need to choose right library for Gantt presentation. There are few quite sophisticated, mention Ext Gantt as one of them. From the feedback Yours is quite easy to implement but lack few important things.
One of timescale option. We can of course modify Your code but its pointless to buy library and than introduce our changes which will be overwritenn with next revision.

Please find a minute or two to answer the question.

Kind regards,



I am also waiting for a release date? Soon I hope?!?

I don’t think I can wait any longer.
We have waited over 6 months and the last version was over 12 months ago.

Something is seriously wrong here. I understand that Developer is an bussy person (like all of us) but it would be very advisible to answer simple question to potential customers.

still no news ??

I +1 the request for ETA. So far, I have tested 1.4 version and it is quite okay, but frankly, the time scale missing features and /* some plain bugs */ are not acceptable for a commercial product.


As far as I am concerned, you have 3 months to unlock 1.4. After that, I will look for something else, with regrets (quite frankly, I will probably write my own component).


Don’t write your own.
I’ve decided to switch to Dojo open source controls.