Evaluating, datastore Example not Working


I have been evaluating the standard edition for the past couple of days. This looks to be an excellent framework and I think if I can work out a few issues I am having with the examples and integration…this will be the way to go.

I can’t get the datastore example fully working. docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … erver-side

I have basically cut and paste the example into my development system. I am able to get my DB data to populate the gird just fine. When I click each row in the grid the info appears in the form just fine.

Issue #1…the filter combo box for “Departments” does nothing when I change it. There is no event, no error, etc. The grid does not filter and as this is a copy and paste of the exact code…I am not sure this is configured correctly however the documentation for binding components is also not super clear on the how the events work.

Issue #2…when I click “add record” it is sending the !nativeeditor_status in the header even though I have configured the dataprocessor with a new action_param.

var myDP = new dataProcessor(baseURL + "index.php/welcome/data");
    myDP.action_param = "dhx_editor_status";

I am using Codeigniter and I have followed the directions and everything else is working fine on the serverside…but client isn’t working.

DataProcessor::$action_param ="dhx_editor_status";

Any help is appreciated.

Issue #2

Are you using dhtmlxdataprocessor.js ( or dhtmlx.js ) for the suite package or from some other source ? This options was introduced not so long ago, so if you are using file from some older version, it can just do not support custom parameter naming.
dhtmlxdataprocessor_latest.zip (4.99 KB)

I am using the latest dhtmlx suite download from the website. I just started evaluating 2 days ago. It was working fine as the dataprocessor for a grid but not for a datastore.

Issue #1
Sorry for inconvenience. There was really an issue of bounding the grid with the combo. We have fixed it. Please, download the updated datastore.js file at s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.hipcha … astore.zip

Thats great…I will give it a try.

What about the dataprocessor for datastore? That also seems to have an issue even though setting action_param it still sends !nativeeditor_status.

I am using the latest dhtmlx.js from dhtmlx suite download.

Please check PM