Evaluating gantt 2.0 beta - some questions

Hello dhtmlx team,

i am currently evaluating the gantt 2.0 beta. It looks very good to me, but there are some
questions from my side.

  1. Links
    1.1) How can i remove/edit links from the UI ?
    1.2) Is it possible to define buffer-range logic to links.
    1.3) Is it possible to have a click event on the links.
    1.4) Is it possible to have a linktype ‘middle-to-…’
    (a linktype, starting or ending from the middle of a task)

  2. Tasks
    2.1) Is it possible, having 2 (or more) bars per row.
    The user wants to see the difference between ‘planed’ and ‘actual’ duration of a task.
    - (something like a ‘planed’ vs ‘actual’ overview per row/task )

  3. Grid
    3.1) Is it possible to add more fields to the grid.
    3.4) Highlighting selected task ?

  4. Resizing problem.
    When resizing the browser, sometimes the gantt is disrupted. The task bars are displayed
    under the grid.
    Do i miss something or is this a problem with the beta version ?

Many thanks
Thomas Mattmüller

1.1) This functionality is not implemented yet, currently links can be deleted only programatically
1.2) Not quite get it, can you please explain in details?
1.3) It will be added by release, but currently is not available
1.4) No, this type is not supported

2.1) This feature is not planned for upcoming release, but may be added in future

3.1) yes, grid is customizable, check
gantt\samples\01_initialization\07_custom_tree.html example from the package

3.2) yes, you can attach custom css class to the task element

gantt.templates.task_row_class = gantt.templates.task_class = function(start, end, task){
if(gantt._selected_task == task.id)
return “highlight”;
return “”;

actually you shouldn’t use internal “._selected_task” property, but the api call that returns selected value is missing in the beta.
Templates works the same way as in dhtmlxScheduler, e.g
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … plate.html

  1. yes, it is a known problem, it will be fixed by the release time