"Evaluation Period has Expired" Error



I know this isn’t exactly a new issue as I’ve seen it crop up a few times already over the years.

I’m currently working on a College assignment which has the DHTMLX Scheduler at it’s core. I was working on it last week and now and again the “Evaluation Period has Expired” error would show up, at which point I’d uninstall and then re-install the DHTMLX Scheduler via NuGet. This has worked till today when it simply won’t budge no matter what I do and I’ve lost all of today trying to resolve this error. I need to submit the project by Friday and the Scheduler offers an amazing solution to the problems the program presents but unless I can sort this out I’m in serious trouble.

Please help.

Kind Regards,

please try updating now to the newest version (, it should work correctly

Many thanks for your prompt response! You’re a life saver :slight_smile: