Event after attachURL is finished?

Hello dhtmlx-Fans,

i´ve got a layout with two panels (2E).
I´m loading with “attachURL” some content in the second panel of the layout, when some Events fired in my first panel.

I want to show the progress Loading in the second, this is no prob…but wich is the best way to set the Progress Loading off, when the attachURL has finished loading the content?

Thank you so much!

Beste regards,

You can use “onContentLoaded” enebt hanler:

dhxLayout.attachEvent("onContentLoaded", dhxLayout.cells("b").progressOff());


thanks for the fast answer, but this is not correct, i mean.

This event (onContentLoaded)is only availabe on the Window-Object, not on the Layout-Object.

It can be possible, that I´m set a “invisible” accordeon(or something else) in the Layout-Cell, but the Accordeon doesn´t also have this event.

Does anybody have any idea? :wink:


Locally it works fine: this event has every container component.
layout.rar (111 KB)