Event Background coloring

I am trying to find ways to color event while creating them.

An example would be: img143.imageshack.us/img143/5416 … olored.jpg

Indeed this is simply checked via firebug but I couldn’t find a way to do it programatically.

This is how I add events:

[code]function addIEvent(){

if( !eventFormValidates() ){
    alert("Please fill the form correctly.");
    return false;
var eventText = $("#ievents :selected").text();
var eventId = $("#ievents").val();
var selectedDate = $("#date").datepicker("getDate");
var start_time = $("#start").val();
var end_time = $("#end").val();

var start_date = dateTimeGenerator(selectedDate, start_time);
var end_date = dateTimeGenerator(selectedDate, end_time);

	id: eventId,
	start_date: start_date,
	end_date: end_date,
	text: eventText,


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Be sure to check Custom styling documentation on our site. You can use scheduler.templates.event_class to set different CSS classes for your events.

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