Event Calendar Title Date Format Change

How can I change the Event Calendar Title Date format? There is a guide available for modifying the header, but I couldn’t find any instructions for changing the title. Could you please provide guidance on how to customize the title format?

Unfortunately it is not available to change the date format of the titles in the EventCalendar.

why not add this function or tell us how to change in the code, if it is ok like scheduler or gantt, I think this will be very helpful for localization

You can customize the template for the date title on the toolbar by utilizing the dateTitle parameter:

config: {
   dateTitle: (date, [start, end]) => {
       return `
           ${format(date, "YYYY")} ${format(start, "MM")} ${format(start, "DD")} -
           ${format(date, "YYYY")} ${format(start, "MM")} ${format(end, "DD")}

Here is an example: DHTMLX Snippet Tool

Currently, it is not possible to customize the title of the mini-calendar, but this feature is in the development pipeline and will be included in future updates.