Event collision in scheduler

Hello Team,

First of all, Thaks for all your helps to make scheduler much more intutitve, just needed your last help.

when all the events loads(not in createing and updatin) in scheduler, can we detect if there is any collision of events and if yes how? and how can i replace all collide events by just one icon and on mouse hover it should display all the events(like we have in year view).

Jitendra kumar


collision extension does not trigger when loading events, but you can use onEventLoading event for this case.
It allows preventing event from being loaded. So, you can check number of events placed at the same time in the handler

scheduler.attachEvent("onEventLoading", function(ev){ if(scheduler.getEvents(ev.start_date, ev.end_date).length >= scheduler.config.collision_limit) return false; return true; });

There is no simple way to do so. You can try overriding function that returns array of events to be rendered - ‘scheduler.get_visible_events’. In your implementation you can replace number of colliding events with a single event

As alternative, you can get all events by scheduler.getEvents(), and for each call scheduler.checkLimitViolation(event) which will return true if there is a collision for such event.

After that you can use filtering functionality to hide unnecessary events

Hello Aliaksandr,

can you provide some more detail about how can i customize scheduler.get_visible_events function
and scheduler.get_visible_events returns complete array of events but if event is a repeat event and only on second occournce of the event there is a collision with some other event. then how can i resolver this.

Jitendra kumar