Event Color Transparency

Hi, is it possible to have a transparent color style for the events in the calendar?

Do you have a sample CSS or demo page for transparent events?

Appreciate your response, thank you.

if you want to set opacity, you can add following css property to dhx_cal_event class, for example:

.dhx_cal_event{ -webkit-transition: opacity 0.3s; transition: opacity 0.3s; opacity: 0.8; } .dhx_cal_event:hover{ opacity: 1; }
If you want events to be completely transparent, you can overwrite background color of nested divs of dhx_cal_event: .dhx_cal_event div{ background-color: transparent !important; }

The event.color property is mapped to backgroundColor css style, so you can use any css compatible value here, something like

<event color="rgba(124,0,124,0.5)" ...